A/B responsiveness testing check-list

If you’re a programmer, site designer or tester, you’ll want to keep an eye out for Tuomo’s tips! Every now and then (when we can drag him away from his beloved laptop), he’ll be offering up some great tips covering a wide range of subjects. Today – A/B testing.

“A problem that I see some people encountering when testing website changes is where HTML code has changed on a responsive site – the changes in code can lead to the site not functioning correctly on other devices. This can be a huge problem if not spotted and rectified before going live. Unfortunately, many A/B testing tools do not work very well with responsive sites so you have to be careful.

As part of my testing checklist, I include a device responsiveness check. So when changes are made to the HTML code on the main site, any standard testing and regression testing for functionality or UI must also be performed on various mobile and tablet devices. I would also highly recommend that when amending website HTML code, it be done in small parts or sections, so after each you can stop and perform your necessary checks.

Doing this makes sure that the site responsiveness performance can be monitored across all devices, ensuring that all visitors get a great site experience no matter how they arrive there.”

If you’re undertaking any site testing and want to make sure you have all bases covered and want to see what else Tuomo recommends for A/B testing, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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