A/B testing with Optimizely

If you’re a programmer, developer or tester and you need to test website changes and monitor the performance, Tuomo has a great tool to utilise for your A/B testing.

“If I’m having to make changes on a website and want to see how the new version performs compared to the old version, I always utilise Optimizely. The tool allows me to run the two site versions in parallel so that I can directly see and compare and variants such as load times, performance and functionality.

When making UI changes, I can see the actual code that is on the page and is generated. This allows me to identify and troubleshoot issues much quicker and more easily. By ensuring the new changes enhance site performance, I can optimise the site to help increase traffic, visitor actions and events, and ultimately conversions.

Optimizely can also be integrated with third party analytics tools, so you can monitor the data, variants and performance in even more detail!”

If you currently perform A/B testing on websites, or are looking to start some testing, give Optimizely a try and let us know your thoughts. If you’d like further information on this, or any other subject, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to have a chat with you.
Email: info@quru-analytics.com or Phone: +358 503 478 635

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