Add Alt text to your images and PDFs

An often forgotten SEO tip is to make sure your images and files have Alt text associated to them. Sami is here to tell us why.

Alt text is the text that some people and browsers will see instead of the image. It’s also used by search engines to find and identify content on pages to serve as search results.

Ensuring you add Alt text to your images and files serves a couple of good purposes. One is that it can aid a visitor to your site should the image not load correctly (slow connection, browser issues, content blocking enabled). The visitor can see from the Alt text what the picture is or refers to and help them decide if this is the page/content they’re looking for without either having to wait for the image to load or having to reload the page.

Another benefit of Alt text is that search engines use this data to source search query results. Having good Alt text – descriptive and, ideally, including keywords from your keyword research – can add SEO value and ensure that your images or files (such as PDFs) are displayed in Search and Image Search results – meaning more qualified visitors, a lower bounce rate, and higher conversion rate.”

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