Advanced ad targeting with Facebook

Emil Siniketo

Emil Siniketo

If you want to get the best returns and conversions on your Facebook adverts, you should check out Emil’s tip on advanced targeting.

“Researching and targeting your audience is easier than you’d think with Facebook’s Graph Search (Note: You’ll need to have you Facebook language settings set as English US). And when you combine this with Audience Insights, you can go a long way to ensuring you get the best return on your ad investments.

Facebook’s Graph Search can be a powerful tool when researching both your audiences and competition. In the Facebook Search bar at the top of the page, type “pages liked by people who like X page”. The results can give you an insight in to what fans of yours and competitors pages are also interested in. These kind of insights can then allow for specific targeting when setting up ads.

If you’re a smaller local business, you can search based upon location. For example, you could search for “pages liked by people who like (page name) and live in (city)”. Again, you get insights in to other areas of interest for people who live in your locality and who like yours or a competitor’s page.

An occupation search can also help. Search for “pages liked by marketing managers who live in Helsinki”. If your advert is specific to a certain role type, this will again give you insights in to other pages they like and areas of interest.

Finally, use this information with Audience Insights to start getting a more detailed breakdown of your results. As an example; if you were starting a dating website you could search for people who like one of the more established sites/apps and look at their interests. You could then break this down by specific city (such as your local area or a densely populate area). And then by combining Audience Insights, you could break out those that are single and within a certain age range, and get a real insight in to their likes and interests.

Now, when you create your ads and need to specify who to target them at, you can be extremely specific based on that data.”

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Emil Siniketo

Emil Siniketo

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