Align your teams for better collaboration and site results

Most businesses, even smaller ones, now have numerous different departments handling different aspects of the business. Henry is here to tell us why getting all of those teams aligned could help your content and site performance.

“A lot of businesses I see have challenges in aligning their social/content/SEO strategies because there is little to no across-team collaboration. This is something that, if worked on, can reap great rewards for the business and website.

All teams – social, SEO, PR, content creation etc – overlap to a certain extent and should therefore know what the other is doing and work closely with them.

The likes of the PR and content teams should work closely to ensure the actual ideas and produced content meets the company’s branding guidelines and business expectations, and so that each piece of created content is distributed in the right and most effective way.

PR, media and social teams can also work closely to ensure that any content that is produced is branded accordingly so that it points back to the company’s website (where traffic and campaign tags should also be in place). SEO and tagging teams can also work closely to ensure that campaigns (across all mediums) are tagged correctly and that specific content and pages are optimised for searchers.

A great tool that we’ve recently begun using at Quru is Slack. It allows us to create ’channels’ which relate to specific topics or areas of the business. It also allows us to message other colleagues directly and set up group messaging threads. A handy tool for our varying departments and when we have people off-site and working in other geographical locations due to its desktop, web and mobile applications.”

Slack at Quru

Slack at Quru

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