Allow admin access to your analytics partner

If you have a partner to take care of your site data and analytics, you may be hesitant to hand over full admin access within the tool(s) to them. Henry is here to tell us why you should re-think your system access policy.

“When I begin working with clients, one of the first things I ask for is full admin access to their data accounts within the tools that we’ll be using. Some companies are obviously wary of handing over full access to a 3rd party, but if you want your analytics partner to provide you with the best data and support, that access is key.

Not having admin access can cause a few problems. It can delay investigations in to issues, especially those that relate to live system issues, but also when retrospectively investigating issues. Within some tools if the incorrect rights, or limited rights, are assigned to a user it can mean that they do not have access to certain data sets or may not be able to understand how tracking variables have been assigned. If an analyst can’t see all the data, key information and insights can be missed.

With full access your analytics partner will have all of the relevant data and variables at their fingertips – they can delve deeper at a faster rate, and hopefully provide you with greater insights sooner rather than later. It can also mean a more agile approach when requiring adhoc data and information, and can also mean a quicker turnaround for reporting, whether scheduled or not.”

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