Automating reports with Adobe Report Builder

Do you have to compile reports throughout the month? Is it a struggle and time-consuming to gather all the data you need? Are you bored of, what seems like, endless re-formatting, copying and pasting in Excel? Well today is your lucky day! Quru CEO, Steve Jackson, talks about how he recently automated some reporting for a client with Adobe Report Builder.

Q: So, Steve, what was the problem that was being encountered here?
A: Our client has data coming from 30 different markets but with no structured or automated way of getting all of their data in to the places we need it for insightful analysis.

Q: So what have you been doing to fix this?
A: There’s a system called Report Builder that works with Adobe’s Omniture product that allows you to stream web analytics data into Excel. By utilising this I could compile the data of 30 markets into dashboards that allowed us to automate the process of getting the data we needed to start our analysis. Because it’s Excel you can also enrich the data with other reports such as actual sales figures, social or CRM data.

Q: And what was the outcome of this automation?
A: It saved us days of work and a lot of money on dashboard systems! For instance, just by simply pressing one button, I was able to show that the UK market had radically different KPIs to the German market. Germany was doing much better. I could then use the time I would normally have spent compiling 30 markets’ data in looking into what Germany was doing better. The result – Social media. The campaigns the Germans’ did around awareness that particular month was outstanding. We showed a few German examples to the rest of the markets which they could then utilise for ideas for their own campaigns.

If you’re an analyst, or even a business, that has to deal with lots of data and reporting, why not give Adobe Report Builder a try and see how it works for you. If you’d like more information on Report Builder check out their site here, or drop Steve an email directly or give him a call on +358 (0) 50 343 5159 to see if he can help you and your business.

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