AWR updates with GWT Stats & algorithm changes

AWR (Advanced Web Ranking) Cloud has a couple of great new updates, including GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) Statistics and new and improved algorithms. Vivek has more information.

“AWR is another tool I use on a regular basis to assist in SEO and site rank analysis and optimisation. Its’ tracking, audit and customisation features are invaluable. And these have now been supplemented with some great new features.

There’s a great new Statistics view when integrating GWT with AWR Cloud. Statistic gives you a breakdown by average ranking position for the first 1000 search queries in GWT. With this view and data, you can identify low CTR for some ranking terms, understand the difficulty of optimising for certain keywords, spot previously ignored keywords and identify ranking issues you may previously not been aware of.

Google algorithm updates can cause issues with SERP and ranking changes, and can be a time consuming nightmare to investigate. But with AWR Cloud you can now add your projects and view them against a Google Algorithm change timeline. Changes to approximately 10,000 keywords and 500,000 URLs are calculated and tracked on a daily basis. From here you can track both the number of changes and the percentage of keywords affected. The chart also clearly highlights changes by colour code depending on the severity of the change, making it easier to identify major changes that require immediate analysis.”

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