Best practices for search ad remarketing lists

If you’ve wondered how to get customers back to your site when they’re ready to buy something, but haven’t been sure how best to do this, Emil has the answers for you.

Online shoppers generally won’t buy anything on their first visit to a site (96%), and almost half (49%) will visit two to four sites before making a purchase. So it’s important to market correctly to those that are ready, or almost ready, to buy something. Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) can help you with this.

Some best practices that I always follow are:

Tag everything. Both on mobile and desktop. This will lead to more data, giving you better customer insights which will help you when you come to defining your RLSA list. The more you know about your site visitors, the more effective your remarketing will be.
Use segmentation. Segment your data so that you can see who is most likely to convert. Lists should focus on the likes of general visitors, recent converters and shopping cart abandoners – these are all visitor types that will be more likely to convert than someone who has never visited your site.
Bid better. Increase your bids to reach top ad slots as this will result in customers that are more likely to convert (based on your lists) seeing the ads and converting. And target broader keywords. Broader targeting of keywords and match types will get your ads in front of more people, while still adhering to your RLSA criteria and being relevant to those that see the ads.”

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