Biweekly stand-up reviews

There’s numerous methodologies that can be used for project management and business reviews, and, depending on your business and service, some may be more suitable than others. But at Quru we have adopted with a number of our clients biweekly stand-up call. Steve is here to tell us all about it.

“While longer, more detailed meetings are sometimes required for business reviews, they do use up a lot of time and therefore resources. A more agile and time/cost effective approach to this is to have a stand-up review every other week.

Instead of having your colleagues or your client travel to/from a location and spending hours of people’s time and money just to get everyone in a room, simplify it – a structured biweekly call suffices in most cases. As part of these meetings we set a goal each month to work towards – the meeting in between is used as a communication and feedback session where both the client and the consultant can ask questions and provide answers and updates.

This kind of meeting and review process makes for smaller, quicker, more agile and time/cost effective meetings, while still allowing open communication and feedback – it especially works well in larger organisations where you can have multiple different teams working on projects or with particular products or services.

Stick to the agenda in these meetings and you’ll soon find that you’re saving time and money – this will also have a positive knock-on effect with your larger business reviews every other month/quarter/half year etc.”


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