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Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson

Direct traffic following a campaign is often overlooked, but here’s why you should perhaps give it the attention it deserves.

Direct or bookmarked traffic to a site is often overlooked because little specific data can be gleaned from it. By its own definition it’s visitors that have just come to the site either by typing the address in their browser address bar or via a saved bookmark in their browser.

But, direct attribution, is definitely an area you should pay closer attention to, especially during and after running a campaign to drive visitors to your site.

Last June we ran a campaign for a client, and while we could have just focussed on traffic from campaign related links and sources, we also looked at the impact on direct traffic. Not long after the campaign began we noticed a continued increase in direct traffic.

This shows that some of the direct traffic is directly associated with the campaign – these are visitors that have seen the campaign, become aware of it and the brand, and then either come directly to the site or via the campaign and then returned later directly.

If you offset the expected direct traffic for that time of year when there are no campaigns running, those visits remaining can also be attributed to the campaign and reported as such to the client (with the earlier explanation as a caveat).

Bear this in mind next time you run a campaign and want to make sure you attribute all the relevant traffic to it.”

Direct traffic sources

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