Building a successful campaign landing page, part 2

Today is part 2 of Sanna’s guide to making and managing a great campaign landing page. Today we’re going to be looking at tagging your page, actions and measuring your targets and engagement.

“Once you’ve defined your target actions you need to spend a bit of time tagging them. You should do this in conjunction with tagging your campaign marketing activities so that you can tie all of the data together.

Using the likes of Google Tag Manager for the landing page – tagging marketing materials is a slightly different case and process – makes the tagging of these various aspects a reasonably simple and quick process. It really isn’t as difficult or as time consuming as most people assume it will be, and it will add essential data and insight in to your analysis.

Once everything is tagged correctly you can begin to understand and get insights in to a couple of key areas;

– You can estimate how your campaign landing page concept works. Does the target group engage with the site or do they leave immediately? Is the site successfully encouraging the visitors to perform the campaign site target actions? E.g. do they see specific content, open videos, or participate in votes or contests? You can also track if they engage with other parts of the site.

– You can estimate the differences between different campaign media and campaign materials – this of course requires that all of your campaign materials are properly tagged with campaign tracking variables. You can see and understand which campaign traffic sources bring the most engaged visitors, and which are bringing visitors who perform the target actions.

For example, you can see whether there are some campaign traffic sources that perform very poorly and cause visitors to leave the site immediately. Doing this enables you to begin building up visitor profiles i.e. you may see that users from Facebook generally complete your target action and go elsewhere on the site, but users from your email campaign are minimal and those that do come to the page bounce from the site and don’t complete the target action.”

Stay tuned for the final part of Sanna’s tips on how to build a successful campaign landing page. If you’re currently working on a campaign and would like some more information on website landing pages, or if you’re currently managing one and want to improve it or analyse it more effectively, get in touch! We’ll be happy to try and help you out with any questions you may have.

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