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Henry Morales

Henry Morales

Vivek previously told us about the recently released Search Analytics from Google (replacing the previous Search Queries report). Today, Henry is going to tell us about some features in a bit more detail.

“The new Search Analytics report gives you greater insight in to how often your site appears in Google search results, and allows you to filter and group data to assist in your analysis – an invaluable tool for website owners.

The default view for the report will show you your site’s click count coming from Google search results over the last four weeks. But this can be customised accordingly for your analytics needs in the following ways:

Metrics. Select the relevant check-box(s) to show clicks, impressions, CTR or position.
Grouping data. Select a grouping category to re-group your data, including by query (review for expected keywords, and find queries with high impressions and low CTR – both great to help identify content development opportunities), page, country, device (compare your mobile and desktop sites by device, and see if your responsive site is working effectively), search type or date.
Filtering. Filters can be applied to data in multiple categories, including across grouped data. To add a filter, click the dropdown under a category or click a row on the table below the chart to filter by the selected grouping value.
Comparing data. Select the dropdown below a grouping category to choose a comparison. For example, compare a specific time frame against another. And if your data is already grouped (by device, for example), apply the comparison and see how each device compares across those time frames. You can also apply comparisons across areas such as countries.

Be aware that this new report measures and calculates the data in a slightly different way to the previous Search Queries report, and this may result in slightly different values being reported in various aspects of the report. Also, to protect users’ privacy, not all data will be shown or used as part of calculations and reporting – such as queries which contain personal or sensitive information, and those where only a small number of queries have been made.

By utilising these new features within the report, you can get more granular detail and better insights in to who exactly is coming to your site from Google search, allowing for more informed decisions when it comes to marketing, retargeting, ad purchasing and site content and layout.”

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