Check the top SERP results for content development ideas

Do you need some new ideas on how to improve your sites’ SEO and possible content development ideas? Well Janne has a simple tip that may help.

“All businesses are constantly looking at how they can improve their sites’ and pages’ SEO and search rankings for organic search. Well, there’s a very simple thing you can do that is often overlooked….. Search yourself!

Go to the search engine of your choice and enter the keyword for which you wish to rank. Review the results of the top few ranking sites and use them as a basis for your research.

Those sites that rank at the top are obviously doing something right regarding their sites and their SEO. Click through to the sites and review the landing pages. Look at some of the following things:

The H1 header tag. The most important tag there is. Check which words and terminology have been used here to accurately describe the page.
Meta tags. Look at what kind of information and metadata is being provided to search engines, including which words, terminology and content are being used in the titles and descriptions etc.
Loading times. See how long the page takes to load. The quicker the time, the more this will help with the ranking.
Site build and layout. Look at how the site is built and how pages and content link together. A well-built site which is easy to navigate (and for spiders to crawl) will help with rankings.

Some larger sites will have enough SEO power to rise through the rankings anyway, but this approach can work really well with smaller sites. While you shouldn’t flat-out copy what other sites are doing, research, look at how they do things, take learnings and see what could be applied and implemented to your own site.”

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