Chrome extensions to aid SEO

Gathering and analysing website SEO data can be time time-consuming – especially with the multitude of SEO tools out there. But Vivek has some great tips on Google Chrome extensions that could help you and your SEO.

“There’s plenty of great tools out there to assist with gathering SEO data and analysing it. But sometime you just want something quick and simple to get you a certain piece of information. Here’s a few of the best Chrome extensions that I use on a regular basis to help with my day-to-day work.

Microdata.reveal – If you run this extension it will parse the information on the page you’re currently on and will display it in an easy to read tabular format, showing you all of the microdata, including things such as keywords that have been implemented on the page.
Semantic Inspector – This extension does a similar thing to Microdata.reveal but displays the data in a slightly different format. I recommend both, but it’s down to personal preference of the UI as the functionality is nearly the same.
SERP Preview Tool – This tool will allow you to preview how your site will look in search results. This is great to quickly review key information for search results such as the site/page title and meta descriptions and then allow you to make instant amendments to improve your SERP.”

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