Click-through Rates for Search Engine Results Pages

If your ranking on Search Engine results matters to you and your business, and you want to better understand the effect your ranking could have on your CTR, Vivek is here to give some more invaluable information.

“Despite all the hard work you put into improving your ranking on search engines, it’s ultimately not something you can control. You can help to make things better or make things worse, but the search engines and their crazy algorithms control where you get placed.

While it’s great to be in the top few results, sites should also be aware of the effect that appearing lower down on the page, or even on the next page, can have on their organic CTR – those are the clicks where someone has entered a search term, and clicked your link from the search results – not via a paid promotion or advert.

I refer back to a recent article of a recent study on this subject over at – it gives a great breakdown of how the SERP has changed over time and how this effects what a visitor may or may not click on. A real stand-out statistic for me is that while it’s not great to be on the second page of search results, if you’re placed at the top of the second page you will actually generally perform better than those who are placed 6-10 on the first page!

As I mentioned earlier, while you cannot directly control the position of your placement in SERPs, knowing exactly where you do place can give an indication and some insight as to your expected CTR, which is then essential when calculating your business model, predictions and conversions.

If you want to find out how you can improve your SERP and CTR, or what your current ranking means for your business, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to try and help you out!

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