Cohort analysis in Google Analytics

Launched in beta earlier in the year, Google Analytics’ Cohort Analysis is another way to gain insights into your users’ online behaviour and gain valuable insights. Janne is going to tell us more.

“Cohort Analysis (CA) is a way of grouping certain people or content together for analysis purposes, normally based on date. CA looks at the groups of people/content over a time period and sees how their behaviour differs. You can compare behaviour in order to get a better understanding of what types of people are more likely to convert and when.

While Cohort Analysis reporting is in beta, it is still available to a large number of GA users. It can be found in the main menu under the Audience section.

Cohort Analysis in GA

The initial options are limited to the following;

  • Cohort Type – Acquisition Date
  • Cohort Size – by day, by week, by month
  • Metric – ‘User retention’ by default, goal completions per user, pageviews per user, revenue per user, sessions duration per user, session per user, transactions per user, total goal completions, total pageviews, total revenue, total session duration, total sessions, total transactions, total users
  • Date Range – 7, 14, 21, 30 days, 3, 6, 9, 12 weeks, last month, 2, 3 months.

The main chart within CA is the Triangle Chart. This shows each cohort and metric (our below example is days over the last 14 days), with a differing intensity colour to signify a lower/higher number. Our example below shows goal completions (clicks to exit links) over the last 14 days by acquisition date. You can see that the data clearly shows that those who were acquired on day 1 (first visits to the site) were most likely to complete the goal.
Cohort Analysis triangle chart
The CA support page details the types of analysis that are possible when using CA, including;

  • Micro trends
  • Consistency, Improvement, or Deterioration
  • Engagement, Retention, and Acquisition
  • Response to Short-term Marketing Efforts”

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