Combine web and in-store analytics

Combine web and in-store analytics

As we know, advanced analytics, campaign attribution and conversion optimisation is everyday practice for online stores. Recently, mobile technology has revolutionised retailers’ capability to measure also customer behaviour and conversions in physical stores real-time.

The big question today is how to combine the two. That is what we will discuss with our partner Walkbase in this week’s webinar:

Combine web and in-store analytics for improved retails performance

In the webinar, our CEO Steve and Juha Mattsson from Walkbase will discuss combining the knowledge from online analytics and offline behaviour into a single view of the customer lifecycle.

Key questions addressed in the webinar:

  • What can be measured real-time in physical stores these days?
  • How to attribute online campaigns with offline sales?
  • How to compare web and physical stores side by side?
  • How to use information from store behaviour for better targeting of ads?
  • How does online-offline retargeting work?
  • What are the key online and brick & mortar metrics to compare?
  • Where to begin?

Time of the webinar: March 18th at 2:00 pm (CET)

Join us to learn how to link online and offline metrics, tools and practices together to get the best out of both worlds!


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