Combining survey data with analytics data

Conducting surveys on your site can provide some great additional customer insight, but combining survey data with your analytics tool of choice will give you even more insight in to your visitors.

“Combining your site survey, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), and analytics data can give you some great additional insights in to your visitors and customers, without asking background information in the actual survey.

When I’m working with a site that has a survey running, I look forward to offering our client more than just the answers of the survey on a chart! I strongly recommend that you take your survey data and combine it with the data from whichever analytics tool you use. This will enable you to cross-reference the scores received across different dimensions such as landing page, device, previous visits, demographics, location etc.

Doing this will enable you to see specifically which visitors are scoring well on the site and which aren’t. This can help you to identify and troubleshoot previously unknown problems. For example, you may see that users using certain devices are scoring low and this could indicate an issue with your site responsiveness. Or you may see visitors from a certain country scoring highly, and this can lead to insights on how best to optimise your landing page or adverts to further increase conversions.

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