Consolidate, don’t cannibalise, your thin content

Sites with ‘thin content’ can suffer with SEO issues, but Vivek has a key point about how to manage your content and pages in order to get the most from them.

“There is no definitive definition of what “thin content” is, but it generally tends to be content on a website that is assumed to be of low “quality” – whereby “quality” is subjective and is defined by algorithms employed by Google etc to crawl and index sites. Because of this, some sites don’t rank very highly when searched for.

As Google and its’ algorithms have evolved, it has learned to base its quality or importance weighting on other things such as measuring whether a user coming to the page/site from the search results was satisfied. And this is why, instead of cannibalising site content, site owners should spend more time on consolidating their content and providing content and answers for those users that visit the site.

A mistake I regularly see is sites using (cannibalising) their own content to create new pages and sub-pages in order to make more detailed and specific pages – but this just makes the content on these pages even ‘thinner’ and more ‘watered down’. i.e. You could have a page which just displays thumbnail images of products you sell. Without full page descriptions and further content information the page would be classed as ‘thin content’. Some sites would then try to break these images down in to separate categories on different pages, diluting each more and more.

The best thing to do is to ensure you have a full page title and description in the meta data, and to then work on providing more information, context and relevance of the content on the page – adding text where applicable, making sure images have titles and alt text etc. And as begin to build great content, you can also work on gaining more backlinks from external sites.

Remember, Google will rank you more favourably if you’re providing a service or content of use to visitors, and not just flooding the site with additional pages and further thin content!”

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