Content Grouping in Google Analytics

If you have a site where you have different groups of data which you want to track and compare, Google Analytics and Mira can help you get the most from your data.

“Most analysis of pages within Google Analytics is done page-by-page, using either the page name or URL – this means you get a ton of detailed information – but sometimes you want to view your data in a slightly different way. GA also enables you to group pages together to get further comparisons, data and insights.

You can now create up to 5 different content groups within GA to analyse and compare. These groups can be based on tags, themes, or any kind of categories you want to define and view.

As an example, if you are running a site that publishes stories and articles from various different people, you could create an ‘author’ content grouping. This would allow you to look at and compare the data to show you things such as which author had the most views, engagement, or even conversions rates if you have goals set up and tagged. This could then help you when you come to deciding where to place certain ads, or how you promote certain stories on your main page perhaps.

If your site has a retail component you could also start grouping products. This could be by type – cutlery, furniture, etc, or, if they’re household items, by the room of which they’re associated. The various and numerous configurations are almost endless, and this means that you can really make GA work for you and your business or client!”

If you’d like some more information on how to set up and effectively utilise content grouping within Google Analytics, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to try and help you out!

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