Creating a data layer on a Java Script based page

The near sole-use of Java Script on web pages is on the increase, but this can cause some problems with tagging, monitoring and recording events and actions. Tuomo is going to tell us a bit more about this issue…..

“More and more sites are now relying on Java Script to load content on their pages. It means the page can load quicker and show such things as graphics and animations – even on less powerful devices.”

“The problem with this though is that there is now only a single page load and this means that the tags on the page are put in place once, but then any variance, such as a visitor carrying out an action, can’t be tracked.”

“To get around this problem you need to ensure that there is a data layer created over the page. This can be done from the site application that is managing the page and its content. Once the data layer has been created over the page and tags, you can use a tag management tool such as Ensighten to track and log the changes and actions that occur.”

“Most tag management tools will then allow you to feed this information in to the likes of Google Analytics or Site Catalyst so that you can then analyse it in the normal manner.”

If you have a site that’s based on Java Script, or are looking to build a site and want to know how best to tag and track the goings-on within the site, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to try and help you out!
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