Devising KPI’s for online and offline business needs

Do you have differing business requirements and KPI’s when it comes to the online and offline sides of your business? Janne is here to give you some tips to ensure you can clearly define your KPI’s and not get stuck using the same ones for different parts of your business.

“A lot of businesses create their KPI’s based on where most of their traffic and conversions come from – online. But you shouldn’t ignore offline data as it can give you some real insights in to your business and what campaigns may or may not be working and how people are finding your site if not from online sources.

Having KPI’s that cross both online and offline puts your data in to silos and makes analysis harder. Having separately defined KPI’s for offline means you can integrate all areas of your business and get a much better overall business insight. For example, if a business actually sells its products offline, but advertises online, one ‘sales’ KPI wouldn’t give anywhere near as much insight as having an offline sales KPI plus online attribution and marketing/advertising KPIs.

When defining KPI’s for a business, I ensure I workshop with all of the relevant people, capturing all touch-points and issues in their offline world. This will normally consist of things such as visitors and where they’re coming from.

Spending time setting up your offline KPI’s and goals in your analytics tools is essential. This will ensure that you can track data in just as much detail as online. Not doing this will leave gaps in your data – gaps that could indicate what campaigns people are responding to (or not), and how/why they’ve found your site.”

If you have a site that requires some offline KPI definition, or you’d just like to find out how best to utilise the data you’re currently capturing, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to try and help you out.
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