Don’t duplicate analytics scripts!

There’s a lot to remember when updating your site, pages, or your analytics tool of choice – one of which is your analytics scripts. Riikka is going to tell us why it’s so important.

“In order to track what visitors do and where they go on your site, you need to have an analytics tool linked to your site and its pages. To allow the analytics tools to track what’s going on, a script is normally added to the top of the code of each page – this fires a message to your tool each time it’s loaded.

One thing you should always remember during a site or analytics tool update, is to make sure you remove any old analytics scripts and ensure your new one is correct.

Leaving an old script on a page could result in your data not being registered in your analytics tools. And if you add a new code, but leave the old one on the pages, it can cause real confusion in your analytics tools with duplicate or no data.

Another problem is that if you implement new code on your pages but happen to miss one or more, when visitors move through your site, as soon as they hit the page with the old code, you will essentially lose track of the visitor. Your analytics tool will then register the hit as a new visitor with a ‘direct/none’ referral.

Make sure you add a double-check of scripts to your to-do list for updates and maintenance on your site and analytics!”

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