Drive mobile users from AdWords directly to app store

Emil Siniketo

Emil Siniketo

If you have a new or existing app that you wish to promote, you can drive people via ads straight to the relevant app store. Emil is going to tell us how and why it’s a great idea.

“Generally, people that see an ad for a mobile app or game don’t want to be taken to the main website or landing page – they just want to download the app with as little effort as possible. Promoting through AdWords makes this possible.

When you create an ad – display or search, in this case – you can specify where a click on the ad will take the user. In order to drive conversions, you can set this to be the specific app store download page, no matter what device the user is on.

The ‘Mobile app installs’ campaign options allows you to target your ads at specific operating systems, meaning that when a user sees it, they will be taken directly to the correct app store. For example; you release a new app on both iOS and Android. You would create one ad set that is set to target users who are on iOS devices – the tagging for the app would lead them to the Apple App Store, and by utilising the app ID they would land directly on your app page. You would also duplicate that ad set, but amend the targeting to those who are on Android devices and the link to lead the Google Play Store page of your app.

This results in a quick and seamless experience for the user who wants that app, and the almost immediate download of it (dependent upon their app store settings and authentication process). This process can also be used for video ads on YouTube – again by placing the ads before related content, targeting the device type of choice, and then taking users directly to the relevant app store.”

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Emil Siniketo

Emil Siniketo

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