Embedded API for Google Analytics

Mira Mäkiranta

Mira Mäkiranta

Do you need to provide your staff with a Google Analytics dashboard but don’t want to fill their email with static pdf reports or have them to sign in in GA every time they need data? Well Mira has some great news – there’s a way to do this!

“In the past if you wanted to create and share a Google Analytics dashboard with a client or colleague you would have to create it and then share it from GA. The end user would then have to log in to GA itself and view it within the shared dashboards section.

But Google Analytics now allows you to embed an API link from an external source, giving others access. In practice this means you can create a dashboard within GA and display this data within the likes of an Intranet site.

As long as your end user has the relevant permissions and access to the GA account being used, and they’re logged in, they can view the dashboard directly from the site in which you decide to link it to. This means your end users won’t have to directly access GA to find and view the data, which is an easier and better experience for them, whilst still giving them a full range of customisable data.”

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