Getting the most from ad extensions in Google Ads

If you want to make your display ads even more appealing to those that see them, you may want to consider utilising ad extensions. Emil is going to tell us what they are and why it is a great idea to use them.

Ad extensions add additional information to your display ads, showing a myriad of potential useful information, better visibility, and information that may entice more people to click your ads which can result in a better CTR and ROI.

Extensions that you create won’t always show on display ads – you’ll need to rank high enough in Ad Rank, and AdWords will also determine whether an extension is going to improve the campaign performance or not – but when they do, they look engaging and allow you to add customised and relevant information to your advert.

Extensions cover all sorts of areas including; direct app downloads, phone calls, locations, reviews, sitelinks and callouts. These are all examples of manual extensions whereby a set button or piece of text will be displayed. Automated extensions offer dynamic information to be displayed, such as rating, previous visits, social network information, dynamic sitelinks and seller ratings.

Extensions are free to add to your ads, so I highly recommend trying them out and performing some A/B tests to see which perform best for your site and business.”

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