Google Surveys 360 comes to Analytics 360 Suite

Pauliina Määttä

Pauliina Määttä

Google Analytics 360 Suite continues to roll out and expand its tools and feature set. This time with Google Surveys 360. Mira has the details:

“GA 360 Suite is still technically in beta, but new features and being constantly added and tweaked in preparation for a full launch of both a free service, as well as a more premium service for GAP customers.

One new feature addition is that of Google Surveys 360 (only available in US and Canada at the moment).

Surveys can form an important part of your customer insight, as well as helping provide key data to assist with future content and marketing development. Having a ton of data at your fingertips is incredibly powerful, but also having the “why” behind that what, how and where, is something every business is desperate to have – with some paying small fortunes to obtain this information.

Google Surveys 360 (previously Google Consumer Surveys) is now fully integrated in to GA 360, offering the ability to easily create a survey, identify and target a specific audience set, and generate statistically significant results. There’s also a large number of advanced features for those that really want to dig deep in to the minds of their audiences

Having not just the raw data and customer behaviour, but also WHY customers are making those decisions, can help you make better business decisions.”

Check out the full feature set here, as well as Google’s announcement here.

Pauliina Määttä

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