Google’s Search Queries becomes Search Analytics report

If you’re a user of the of the Search Queries report within Google’s Webmaster Tools, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s being replaced with the new and improved Search Analytics report.

“Google’s Search Queries report hasn’t been updated in a while and, I for one, have wanted some new features and functionality. Well the wait is over, as Google recently announced the new Search Analytics report.

The new report includes new features such as the ability to compare mobile and desktop traffic, comparing metrics across different countries, comparing data from two different time frames, and more. The data in the new report is also calculated differently, making it more accurate.

These specific additions are great as you can now see if your site was affected by the recent ‘Mobilegeddon’, or, if your business operates in different localities, you can see how your brand performs in different countries by selecting to sort your data by impressions by country.

The older Search Queries report will be available for three months, giving site owners some time to transition over to the new report. But once those three months are up, everyone should, whether they like it or not, be using the new and improve Search Analytics report.”

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