How the Weather Impacts Sales – Analytics Lens series

Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson

How the Weather Impacts Sales - Analytics Lens series

Using the weather as part of your analytics toolkit can help you increase your sales. This is another segmentation lens in a way but it also has direct practical implications to traffic acquisition too.

Adding the weather as a way to enrich your data is a great way to help you understand if the weather has an impact on your sales or lead generation activities. Our friend Simo Ahava has a great article about how you can do this with Google Analytics and custom dimensions.  In short you find out where the visitor is, get the weather from their location and add it to your data set.

Using this method you would then be able to understand whether the temperature or rainfall for instance impacts what people do on your website.

Influencing your advertising

In addition to understanding how the weather impacts your traffic and sales by looking at custom dimensions in a segment you could also directly impact your advertising. If your web analytics tools are directly linked to your advertising tools and can effect the outcome that is.

For instance, if you have GA360 and use DoubleClick bid manager  (DBM) you can directly connect segments from Analytics to audience segments in DBM. If you’re a publisher you could do the same with DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP).

The first use case allows you to learn from your Analytics data and understand when the best time to push an ad is. DBM would then allow you to bid for the ad programmatically when the ideal weather conditions have been reached.

For instance there is a great case study from the Cannes Data Lions which showed one swimming pool company noticed that after 2 days of sunshine was the optimal time to push ads about their swimming tools.

The second use case would allow you as a publisher to push ads across your network that change as the weather changes, or match your visitor’s location. So if it’s raining and miserable it might be a good time to publish ads about a holiday in Crete!

Action Points

  • Add the weather to your analytics setup and learn how looking at your data with different weather conditions applied makes a difference.
  • If you have the capability and see that the weather makes a difference to your sales, add the weather to your programmatic advertising buys.

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