HTTP vs HTTPS, what is the SEO impact?

If your site uses HTTP, it may be worth updating to HTTPS. Vivek is going to tell us why.

“HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is a method in which data is passed to and from the internet, ‘translated’ and shown accordingly within a browser. But using HTTPS (Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), could benefit both yourself and your site visitors.

A couple of key pros in transitioning to HTTPS are that you’re providing a more secure platform for your visitors, and that you can potentially improve your SEO value with Google and other search engines.

HTTPS is essentially the same as HTTP, with the main difference being that it differentiates one sender and receiver from another. All sent and received data is encrypted by SSL, meaning that while it’s in transit, no matter where it gets directed, it can’t be read by anyone it’s not meant to be.

While Google and other search engines have not publicly acknowledged any specific SEO benefit in using HTTPS, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that they are giving more SEO value to sites that use HTTPS and protect their visitors’ data and offer a more secure browsing experience.

While HTTPS is more secure and better for you and your visitors, the end to end encryption does come with a slight cost. Performance, such as load speeds, will be impacted slightly – so keep a close eye on these and optimise accordingly. Also, you will have to obtain a ‘trusted certificate’ from the likes of VeriSign in order to show that your site is secure and trusted. Prices vary, but they average at about 80e a year. A small cost that is well worth it in my opinion.”

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