Identifying incorrectly tagged campaign data

Have you ever run a campaign on your site, spent ages tagging certain things, only to find that when you come to do your analysis, the tagging was wrong and the data you’re getting, if any, might not be accurate? Well if you’re unlucky enough to go through this, here’s some tips from Sanna on how to identify the issue and get back to your quality analysis!

Firstly, test your tagging with the Google Analytics Real Time report! Copy-paste the campaign landing page URL with the campaign tagging parameters in to your browser and check via the Real Time report if you can see Google Analytics registering any visits from your campaign.
If you aren’t able to see any visits from your campaign, double-check that you have used all of the required three GA campaign parameters; utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign, and that you have written the parameters correctly (e.g. not umt but utm). Another explanation for the missing campaign visits might also be redirects from your campaign page URL or using # in the page URL.

Next, make sure that the campaign tagging follows the same naming conventions. Google Analytics campaign tagging is case sensitive, which means that using campaign names such as November_campaign and november_campaign at the same time will result in two separate campaigns. The same applies for the different utm_medium variations, so using mobile and Mobile at the same time will make analysing the results more complicated.

Finally, check the Google Analytics Referral report to find untagged campaign traffic. If it looks like you are missing part of the campaign traffic in your Campaign report view, it might be useful to also check the All Referral report. Has there been referral traffic from the sites where you might have had display or other ads?

To avoid future issues, try to ensure you have completed the first two checks before actually putting your campaign live. They’re two very important things to add to your campaign testing and deployment checklist.”

If you’re currently experiencing issues with your tags, or want to know how to tag your pages, actions and events in more manageable and traceable ways, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to try and help you out!

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