Indexing Java Script pages with Google

Are you unsure of the best process when it comes to allowing Google to crawl your site which contains Java Script? Vivek can shed some light on the current best practices for you.

“In the past, Google has been poor at crawling sites and pages which contained Java Script elements. But with the reduction in HTML and increase in Java Script, Google has adapted and improved.

Previously you would have possibly been advised not to allow Google to crawl pages that had content that was served through containers using Java Script. This is no longer the case.

Google now does a great job at identifying all content that is on a page. You should now allow Google to crawl all of your site and pages– HTML or not (unless you have any other separate specific reasons not to) and you should ensure that you declare all site resources within the robots.txt file. Google should now be able to identify and index all of that glorious content and data on your site and page!”

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