Introducing the Quru Tip of the Day

I’m really excited by our new Quru Tip Of The Day feature and what it can potentially offer existing and prospective clients, as well as Quru ourselves. While running in conjunction with our blog and our product pages, our Tip of the Day will hopefully give people a real insight in to the people of Quru and what we all do here – analytics and SEO-type activities aren’t always straightforward subjects to try and explain to people!

Content marketing is today’s B2B selling. With our Tip of the Day posts we want to do two key things:

Firstly, provide useful information to both out customers and anyone interested in learning about analytics, digital marketing and website optimisation.

Secondly, we want to explain what we do and give an insight in to why we exists and what services we can provide. We hope that the information we provide will give people one more reason to visit our website again and again.

The tips are collated when the minds of the Quru team are at their most inspired, insightful and free-flowing – during our weekly Friday round-up and beers! Everyone offers up some insight as to what they’ve been doing that week, what tools and tips they’ve learnt themselves, and absolutely anything they think may be of benefit to our clients and to the people who will read the tips and the blog. Time is spent with each person every Monday to get more information about their tip and they are then written up, ready for posting over the coming week.

The tips you read come from the mouths of real people with real experience, and will hopefully give everyone a real insight in to the personalities at Quru and what they’re truly passionate about. This not only hopefully educates our customers and readers, but also gives each of our own team an insight in to what we’re all working on and best practices in the field from our combined years of experience.

While this may seem like a small and simple exercise, it really isn’t. But the Quru team are dedicated to offering the best service to our clients and readers, and really are here to help.

We really hope you enjoy the tips. And, while not all of them will always be relevant to every reader, we hope that you see at least a few things that you didn’t know before. If you do, that means we’re doing something right!

If you read a tip and want some more information or clarification, please do feel free to drop us an email or give us a call and we will always be more than happy to have a chat with you and try to help you out. Email: or Phone: +358 503 478 635


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