Learn to share the (server) load

Load-sharing across different webservers can offer numerous benefits to your website. Vivek is here today to tell us why it’s a great idea to learn to share the load.

“I always highly recommend load-sharing across different servers as it has many potential benefits for your website.

A tip I always give to clients is to host your sitemap on a different server – the likes of Google and Amazon (AWS, Amazon Web Services) offer services for any size business. This means that if your site server goes down, or is undergoing maintenance, the sitemap can still be accessed and the site can still be crawled. Should your site get crawled and your sitemap is hosted on the same server that’s down, you’ll end up with numerous errors within your webmaster tools.

Hosting things like media – images, videos and such-like – on a separate Content Delivery Network (CDN) is also a great idea. It lightens the load on your server, helping to maintain performance for your visitors.

Spreading the load, where possible, will help with traffic and load issues, as well as meaning you’re not solely reliant on one service – if one service goes down, it doesn’t necessarily mean your whole site will also go down.”

If you’d like some further information on how and where to host your web services, and then how to manage them, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to try and help you!

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