Local citations – Ensure your ‘NAP’ is up to date

You may not have realised the importance of having NAP data up to date and formatted consistently, but it really is. Vivek is going to tell us why you should be checking and updating all of your online citations.

“A local citation is an online reference which contains your NAP – that’s your name, address and phone number. Ensure these stay up to date and in a consistent format can really help with your SEO.

Google looks at a citations and uses them to evaluate a business’ online authority – similar to how it looks at back-links.

When you add your address to your website and to online sources, make sure you keep the same format. This should also apply when adding your business and its details to Google+. Ensure things such as abbreviations are in the same format for all parts of the NAP – Ltd/Limited, address details such as the building name or floor, and the way in which the phone number is displayed (international dialing code, area codes, spaces/no spaces in between the numbers).

Google aggregates NAP data from across the web, and those businesses that are mentioned more frequently (along with reviews etc) will obviously rank more highly in local search results. So make sure you check all those online listings, directories (Foursquare, Facebook, Swarm, G+, Yelp, Yellow Pages and alike) and any online publications and documentation that your business is listed on and make sure that all of the NAP and business type details are correct.”

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