Managing migrations and enhancing SEO

Vivek has recently undertaken a pretty big project – performing analysis and SEO on a newly migrated site containing up to 800,000 URLs. Here’s some of his key points and wins on this mammoth task.

“A client was moving from an old legacy system over to a new web app system. Their previous site hadn’t really been optimised so I took on managing this migration and optimising everything possible.

The client had been working on this migration for nearly 2 years. I came in with 3 months to provide a plan, conduct the necessary analysis and optimisation. This was definitely a challenge, but we succeeded!

I worked on optimising up to 800,000 URLs and the associated back-links whilst providing support for business and technical SEO practices. At the time, only a small percentage of the site was indexed correctly and couldn’t be crawled by Google. I put in place hundreds of much-needed site maps.

Following the migration, the whole site is now crawlable. We’ve also seen a 25% increase in organic traffic and have doubled the new users from organic traffic compared to the same period last year.”

How have you managed your system migrations, and are you on top of all of your SEO practices? If you’d like to discuss this subject, or any other, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to have a chat with you.
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