Manual email remarketing technique

Some of the simplest marketing practices are often overlooked for more complex segmentation and targeting. But Janne is going to tell us about a simple, but effective, way of getting information from those that have arrived to your site via an email shot.

“When sending out any emails to people in your CRM, ensure that you always tag links so that you can then track them within your analytics data later.

Be sure to create a link, or links, that you can easily identify within your analytics tool. If you’re using Google Analytics, you can find more information on the URL builder page. Once you’ve created your links and sent out your email, you can use your analytics tool to look at those that come back in more detail.

Within your analytics tool, segment those that have come to the site via one of the links in your email. From here you can now begin to work through the associated data, such as demographics, location, language, devices, interests, etc.

This information can now be used to target those areas when creating ads via your ad serving platform (AdWords, Facebook, etc), allowing you to specify certain types of people to serve the ad to, to ensure you get it to those that are most likely interested in your service or product and those that are most likely to convert.”

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