Marketing with Facebook custom audiences

Facebook can be an invaluable tool when it comes to marketing – especially when you combine it with an existing CRM. Janne is here to tell us more.

“Combining your existing CRM data with Facebook can open up new possibilities for marketing and remarketing to potential customers.

A great way of targeting people that have already showed an interest in your product or service is to use the data to target ads via Facebook, especially if your target demographic are likely Facebook users (example; in 2014, 71% of all U.S. internet users are Facebook users, with that figure rising to 87% for those aged between 18-29. Source: Pew Research Centre’s Internet Project September Combined Omnibus Survey).

Export your CRM information (you can use email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs or mobile advertiser IDs), and when creating a Facebook ad via the Ads Manager, you can upload this information (email address will most likely be the best option as this is required as part of the Facebook registration process) by clicking Tools > Audiences > Create Audience > Custom Audience > Customer List. You can now upload your .csv Excel file containing the information (must be in a single column with no header). You can then follow the instructions to create your ad.

One created, your advert will be targeted at those users whose details you have uploaded from your CRM, meaning that those seeing the ad will be more likely to convert as they have already expressed an interest in your product or service.”

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