Measure your page depth views with this handy plugin

Do you have one of these modern, new-fangled websites, where all your content is on one, single vertical page? Are you finding it tough to work out how much of the page visitors have scrolled through? Well, Mira may have the solution for you……

Web design can be like fashion – it follows trends in design, layout and aesthetics. You’ll find this whether a site is custom built, or from a template from the likes of Squarespace or WordPress. A recent trend is an all-vertical page where users can scroll down through content – we even used this design here at Quru.

The problem with this type of design, and when using the likes of Google Analytics, is that you can’t track how much of the page a user has scrolled through and viewed. But Mira can solve this; “I recommend using a Google Analytics plugin from called Scroll Depth. It tracks the amount of a page a visitor has seen in percentage increments and this data can then be viewed as an Event in GA and can be used just like any other GA data set.

It’s a great little tool to see how much of your page people are actually getting through and can then allow site owners to manage and amend the page accordingly to the event data in GA.”

If you have a site that could use a plugin like this, give it a go and let us know if it helped with your site analysis. Or, if you’d like to discuss any other such ideas or tools, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to have a chat with you.
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