New AdWords Editor Features

If you’re an AdWords Editor user, there’s been some great new features added recently. Emil is going to tell about a few of his favourites.

“Not too long ago, the AdWords Editor got an update to version 11. It’s now even better and an even more essential part of my AdWords account and campaign management.

AdWords editor essentially allows you to manage and make changes to your campaigns, as well as download info and see stats when you’re working offline. Some of the new features in version 11 include:

– The ability to add and open multiple accounts side by side and move items between them – this is great for me as I hated switching between tabs.
View different parts of an account side by side and make real-time edits in specific areas.
– A new history/change log, allowing you to undo or redo multiple changes either in bulk or sequentially.
New filters within search so you can find certain things quicker, and the ability to save searches so you can always come back and get to those regularly viewed items even more quickly.
– General speed improvements within the app and when downloading campaigns.

All in all, the updates make the tool a lot easier and quicker to use. So if you’re an AdWords user, I highly recommend you go and download the new version of AdWords Editor as soon as possible. You can find out even more about AdWords Editor over on its website.”

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