Own your own data

If you want the most accurate data to analyse and to provide the best insights, you need to own your own data and not just rely on the free version of Google Analytics. Mira is going to tell us why…

“While Google Analytics is a great tool for analysing your data and obtaining insights, if you have a high-traffic site, it can be even better!

Google Analytics Premium is highly recommended if you have a site that produces a high volume of traffic. The standard GA will provide un-sampled data for up to approximately 500,000 visits for all queries, but after that the data often becomes sampled. With GA Premium there is no sampling and all data is applied and considered.

With GA Premium you actually own all of your data, with the ability to access and pull whatever you like – once you have pulled data, you can even chose to remove it from GA.
Having full access and ownership of all of your data means you’ll get more accurate figures across the various and numerous segments and dimensions that you use, and means you’ll be better placed to provide precise insights and reporting for your business or client.”

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