Pageviews vs conversions metrics

Vivek is here to tell us why using pageviews as a metric isn’t always a good idea, and what you should perhaps look at instead.

“Over the last few years, a lot of businesses have ramped up their online presence, expanded their websites and online teams, and, as part of this, put in place targets and KPI’s based upon their online performance.

When working with clients, I regularly see one key mistake – using pageviews as a metric or a way of measuring the online business. If your site is just a blog for example, this is a valid metric to use, but if you’re site is focused on products and ecommerce, you may want to reconsider.

For an ecommerce business, pageviews are almost irrelevant to your business bottom-line. Pageviews do not equal conversions – and this is what you need to be measuring in detail and focusing on.

I’d always suggest that as part of your analysis and reporting you include the high-level site details such as visits, visitors, bounce rate, pageviews etc, but if your business relies on sales, focus on the areas that directly relate to sales. Monitor your conversion rate closely, review your purchase funnel and process, look at how marketing and campaigns are affecting sales, and look at how visitors use and interact with your site and its’ features and listed products.

Pushing to increase overall pageviews while not increasing your conversions doesn’t really benefit anyone. Personally, I’d much rather have a reduction in pageviews but an increase in conversions, as opposed to the other way around!”

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