Promotion tracking in Enhanced Ecommerce

If you’re running internal promotions on your site, Tuomo has a great way of tracking how effective your ads are and how to find out what’s working best on your site.

Enhanced Ecommerce within Google Analytics is the best way (in my opinion) to track and monitor internal promotions on your site – these are adverts placed on your site for products that are on sale on another part of your site.

With Enhanced Ecommerce you can track your ads, such as banners, on your site and see how well they’re performing. You can track impressions – how many people actually see the ad – and clicks vs conversions – how many people click on the ads and how many actually convert – amongst many other things, and all of the data can be automatically compiled and exported within an Internal Promotions Report.

Enhanced Ecommerce also allows you to track the position of your ads on the page and compare this against ads in different places so that you can see which is the most effective at getting your visitors to convert.

If you want to find out more about Enhance Ecommerce and how to set it up, check Google’s own instructions.”

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