Quality traffic with short-term banner campaigns

Do you wonder where you should be placing banner ads for your business, and what benefits you get from them and their placement? Well Emil is here to offer one of his top tips!

“A really effective way of driving good quality traffic to your site is to use a short-term banner campaign within network sites – sites that are affiliates or relate to businesses and offerings similar to yours.

I’ll spend time researching which sites will work best for the ad, based upon previous ad placement and knowledge of the business area, industry and ad network. Once a site has been identified, we’ll place an optimised ad on there for about a month or so.

To further enhance the ad performance and quality of traffic, I’ll also spent time on keyword targeting and will try to aim the ad at the most relevant audience. For example, if a client is a Finnish business solely operating in and around the capital area, I will set the ad up to display just to those users who are in the Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa areas. There’s no point in wasting money advertising to people who are at the other end of the country if the business cannot reach them anyway.”

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