Remarketing with dynamic ads

Want to know how to use dynamic ads to remarket to potential customers, and what the benefits are? Emil is going to tell how you can use them and why you should.

“Using dynamic ads allows you to target non-converting visitors of your site with content that is tailored to the individual user, including specific items they have looked at on your site.

Dynamic ads are produced by collating your site products and services in to a basic feed, uploading this to AdWords or Google Merchant Centre, and then allowing AdWords to pull that data from the feed and tie it back to visitor cookies which are logged when they visit your site.

A tag with custom parameters on your sites’ pages will collate the relevant visitor data, add them to remarketing lists and will associate them with the unique IDs and data in your product list feed, meaning they will see ads for either specific items they’ve viewed on your site or other related and popular products.

Dynamic ads generally tend to be banner ads, but can also be other sizes and in other positions on desktop browsers, as well as mobile ads. This means it’s a versatile and great way to remarket to visitors across all platforms, increasing the likelihood that those non-converters will come back and complete the conversions.”

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