Reminder: Upgrade your URLs in AdWords

Emil Siniketo

Emil Siniketo

A few weeks ago we had a great tip about the new Google AdWords Editor update, in which we mentioned ’upgraded URLs’. Well, if this applies to you, you need to have it completed by 1st July. Emil has more details.

”Earlier in the year, Google announced information about a new feature in AdWords – Upgraded URLs. With this feature you’re able to manage your landing and tracking information separately using the new ‘final URL’ and ‘tracking template’ fields.

Users of AdWords will need to have started using Upgraded URLs instead of the existing Destination URLs by 1st July. If you’ve already updated your URLs, no action is required.

– As of 1st July, Destination URLs can no longer be edited or created. All new URLs will be created using Upgraded URLs.
– Destination URLs will be automatically moved to the new final URL field for any ad groups in your account that do not contain cross-domain redirect URLs.

– And ads with destination URLs that have not been updated to Upgraded URLs will stop serving within a few months. Google will advise 30 days prior to the specific date.

For more information and Google’s own FAQs, please see their AdWords blog.”

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Emil Siniketo

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