Retargeting users via microsites

If you have microsites, you can utilise them to retarget to potential customers via search and display ads. Janne is going to tell us how.

“Cookies can help you track visitors that have been to your microsites, but not gone to your main site and converted. The cookies can also be used to retarget those people with display ads for the main site.

When retargeting, aim at those that have shown an interest in one of your brands, products or services – these are people who are most likely to convert. Retargeting can allow you to specify to target those users who have been to one of your microsites but not to your main site.

When creating your retargeting criteria, remember that even microsites that reside on different domains can be included.

The microsites themselves can be great spaces in which to place display ads with the purpose of driving visitors to the main site – again, if they’re on your microsite, chances are they’re already interested in something you offer or sell, so maybe A/B test some of your ad space on the microsites. You could for example test ads that target visitors that are yet to visit your main site and visitors that have visited but not yet converted.”

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