Retargeting with visitor segmentation

Segmentation of your visitors can lead to great retargeting opportunities. Emil is going to tell us why.

“By utilising your tagging, analytics and ads tools, you can create segments based upon certain visitor criteria, and then use this data to retarget more specific and tailored ads to them, increasing the likelihood of additional visits and conversions.

By placing retargeting pixels on your site, you can segment visitors that have seen these specific areas or pages and then target them accordingly. The ‘pixel’ is just a piece of code on whichever page(s) you deem important, and when a visitor loads this page, the code fires and a cookie is saved to the visitors browser.

Now when setting up your retargeting via your ad tool, you can aim specific, tailored ads at visitors that have seen specific parts of the site (identifiable by the cookie information they have on their devices).

As an example, if someone has only visited your Home or About page, you could aim a higher level, brand-related ad at them in order to help reinforce brand awareness and to bring them back to the site. But if someone has visited a specific product or service on your site, you could target a more specific ad, relating to the exact product or service they viewed.”

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