Sales gap analysis with Google Analytics

If you have conversion points on your website which are sales, you can utilise Google Analytics (GA) to do sales gap analysis. Steve is here today to give us some pointers on what you can do to help identify issues and to help improve conversions.

“Using Google Analytics to help manage you sales data can give you some great insights in to your data and processes, as well as offering the ability to help identify and troubleshoot possible issues.

Having your site, events and conversions tagged correctly is a must, and using this data in GA along with other data sources such as your CRM can really aid your analysis of your sales process. Tying back your data from different sources can show discrepancies in data and this can help identify issues such as incorrectly implemented tagging, or issues with your actual sales process. If you have differing order/conversion data, this could be an indicator that something on the site, a product or an actual event perhaps, isn’t quite correctly tagged. Depending on your main data source, this can result in incorrect reporting.

But quite often it’s not a tagging issue – it’s a tech issue. I’ve utilised Excel to do sales gap analysis – I can compare and contrast CRM data to that of GA. You can then go back to GA, examine things like times of day the sales we made, different browser versions, different types of site (mobile vs desktop) and try to see if during the period you’re looking at there are any obvious trends. For instance; no IE7 or 8 browser sales, or no sales from mobile, or no sales during a specific period of the day.

Using GA, you can also track a user’s path through your site. Doing this allows you to identify where visitors are dropping out of the sales process. If you see a specific page or part of the process where this is happening, it could indicate a specific problem. There could be issues on that page such as certain fields or buttons not working correctly. But what GA will also do, is allow you to segment this data, so you could look at visitor’s devices or browser. Again, you can use data like this to help identify specific issues that users may be encountering – there could be issues with older browser versions, or maybe the page and functionality doesn’t render correctly on certain devices.

If you’re experiencing issues with your sales and checkout processes, I do highly recommend upgrading to Google Analytics Premium and to invest some time in managing your existing tagging and adding new tagging where required.”

If you need to troubleshoot issues with your sales and checkout processes, or you just want to find out how best to optimise your processes to increase your conversions, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!

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